The Kniseley Scholarship:

The Jack Kniseley Award is an annual scholarship given to one deserving college-bound senior male and female student-athletes who possess a high level of commitment to their sport, are inspirational, and excel at sportsmanship. There is no application for the award, as recipients are nominated by their coaches.

Long & Nickerson Memorial

The Jake Long and Frank Nickerson Memorial Scholarships are given to two senior college-bound Baseball and Softball players.  Please contact the Kamiak Athletic Director for more information.  These scholarships are funded by funds raised through the annual Long & Nickerson Memorial Tournament.  Although KABC is the trustee of these funds, the scholarship recipients are selected by a committee comprised of Mukilteo Baseball and Softball community members, and not by the KABC Board or its scholarship committee. 

KABC Senior Scholarships:

Applications Due: May TBA, 2023

Each year, KABC Senior Scholarships are awarded to up to six college-bound students who have excelled in Kamiak athletics. The deadline for applications is May TBA, 2023. Students (or students' immediate family members) must be a member of KABC to be considered. The eligibility criteria and the application are posted below. The application can be dropped off at the Kamiak office, emailed, or mailed to:

KABC Scholarship Committee

KABC Scholarship Committee:

KABC needs members to serve on the Athletic Scholarship Committee to determine recipients of scholarships. You may not be a parent or family member of any senior student-athlete who applies for a scholarship. The Scholarship Committee shall be elected by a vote of the membership in the month of March. Interested parties should contact Steven Bullock at